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When should I change rugs in kid's rooms?

Children rugs should follow their requests and age. You cannot have rugs with cartoons in the room of a teenager. Rugs should be one-color for baby rooms and you should get educational ones during the pre-school and first school years. You can also get rugs with cartoons but in any case rug cleaning is of extremely importance according to Carpet Cleaning Laguna Niguel. Rugs should be replaced in case of serious water damage, too.

Are the colors of handmade rugs natural?

The true handmade oriental rugs are prepared with natural dyes, which are usually taken from plants. The colors and combinations are different in various countries and that's why there are some variations among some Persian rugs and silk ones made in Turkey. Some handmade rugs are made with artificial dyes and these ones are cheaper. So, you can understand the difference by their prices, too. Rugs made with natural colors require mild products for rug cleaning.

What are these brown stains that appear after a wet carpet cleaning process?

Brown stains appearing after a wet carpet cleaning process are not unusual. They are the manifestations of the process called wicking. Carpet Cleaning Laguna Niguel experts say that they are usually attributed to the excessive use of cleaning solutions. To get rid of them, you just have to do the cleaning process again but reduce the amount of cleaning solution and water used.

Can a stain be removed from the carpet regardless of how long it's there?

There are carpets that are well-protected and allow stains to be removed even after 24 hours of waiting. However, our carpet cleaning team located in Laguna Niguel highly recommends that you try to remove the stain as soon as possible. You can contact the team for professional help.

How can I clean grout?

Grout cleaning is very difficult and you'll probably need the assistance and great equipment of Carpet Cleaning Laguna Niguel . Grout is absorbent and it changes colors over the years as it absorbs dust and dirt. So, if you just scrub it, you won't have the expected results. It's best to seal grout to eliminate its absorbing properties.

Do molds really grow on carpets?

Yes. In fact it is a common problem with carpets that is prone to be overlooked. Molds can grow even without you noticing it, according to our specialists. It can easily be prevented, but if there are already molds on your carpet, mold removal services should do the trick. As a general rule, keep your carpet dry and clean to avoid mold buildup.

There are indentations in the carpet. What should I do with these?

Depressions on a carpet are often caused by heavy objects, such as furniture items and large vases. Carpet cleaning specialists at Laguna Niguel suggest that you fluff out the fibers, so they stand up again. You can rake the pile with your fingers or with a fork, but make sure not to pull on the threads too hard.

Can carpet cleaning products harm my carpet?

While most carpet cleaning services use products that are not harmful at all to the carpet, there are products sold in the market that contain solvents. These solvents can cause the color of your carpet to fade or the material to break down. Make sure that the products are mild and safe.

How should delicate rugs be vacuumed?

Some cannot be vacuumed at all, actually. You must check the label and follow the manufacturer's instructions for regular maintenance. For some items such as the ones with loose pile, it is best to use the attachment for hard floors. In general, very powerful vacuuming should be avoided.

Can all upholstery be cleaned with a water solution?

No, there are some fabrics for which dry cleaning solvent is the only safe material. There is a letter on the tag of each piece of upholstered furniture showing what types of cleaners can be used on it. Check it before buying the item to ensure that you can provide proper care.


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