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Use the following tips in the field of carpet cleaning to have soft and beautiful floor treatments free of common allergens like dust and pollen. They are simple to understand even for someone who is not familiar with carpet cleaning in general. They are very easy to apply too. Take full advantage of them now.

Our carpet cleaning service specializes in water damage restoration

How to remove Remove the toughest stains in the carpet! Find out different tips in for cleaning your rugs the easy way. Learn more about mildew in carpets and how you can detect it. Is your building having plumbing problems? Watch out for your rugs!

  • Be careful using spot remover

    When there's a spot on your carpet, make sure you pretest any spot remover first on a hidden area of the carpet. Add a small amount to a clean white cloth and blot. If color from the carpet comes off onto the cloth, then don't use the spot remover because it will cause damage to your carpet. That's when you should give our experts a call. We'll clean your carpet perfectly and without any damage to make it look new again.

  • Some Carpets Shed

    If you're new to carpets and rugs, you might be surprised and worried about fibers that you vacuum off of your carpet. This is natural especially if you have a new staple fiber carpet. Most manufacturers will advise you to vacuum the carpet daily for about two weeks. This removes the loose fibers that may shed off. It's also good to remember that this is a natural occurrence and will not damage the integrity of the carpet.

  • Keep Your Shoes Off

    Most of the dirt that carpets catch comes from shoes that were worn outside and brought inside the house. Our experts recommend having footwear just for indoor use to keep your carpets free of outside debris that falls on the carpet. Cleaning it would be easier and quicker if it is not so dirty in the first place.

  • Importance of mold inspection

    Mildew grows due to excessive quantities of moisture or serious water damage. It is one of the greatest enemies of your health and carpets. Mold inspection is recommended if you live in an old building or have continuous plumbing problems. Carpeting is not suggested close to radiators, sinks and pipes. It is to your best interest to engage in mold removal the moment you detect it with special products.

  • Water damage in old buildings

    Many old buildings have serious plumbing problems, problematic pipes, roofs and leaking windows. The humidity within the house and the increased possibility of a flooded area are not the best conditions for carpets according to the experience of Carpet Cleaning Laguna Niguel. That's why you must avoid wall-to-wall carpets, which are glued on the floor and would make mold inspection difficult and water restoration very hard.

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